School Health Programme

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                                                               SCHOOL HEALTH PROGRAMME

To identify and resolve the health issues of the children at school level, we offer school health programmes in the neighbourhood schools of the institution spread around Kanniyakumari district aimed at conducting health screening and awareness programme. In this programme, a team of teachers, PG students and Internees used to visit the nearby Schools and provide awareness to the students, Teachers, Parents and other staff about the health issues, need for preventive mechanisms, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition ,salient features of Homeopathy, health education etc. Significant deviations if any found among the students through the health screening are communicated to the parents through their teachers and treatments are given accordingly in the Collegiate Hospital. Efforts are also being made through school health programme to identify learning and behavioural problems of children of age group up to 13 years. These students are directed to the Learning Disability speciality clinic of the institution for further management. The programme is effectively co-ordinated by Dr. V. Siju and Dr. Bencitha Horrence Mary.

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