Vision and Mission

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     To make students well conversant with the National health problems of  both rural and urban folks of India enabling a Homoeopath to play an effective role in the fields of preventive and social medicine leading to promotion of positive health including family planning.



  • To make the students aware of environmental, social, financial, personal, occupational issue of the patients and to inculcate into the students the habit of considering the above aspects while rendering patient care.
  • To capacitate the students to understand the demography, family planning population dynamics and disease by attending health surveys.
  • To enable the students to understand the importance of nutrition, hygiene and sanitation and moulding them into preservers of health.
  • To develop the students into community physicians through medical camps, health awareness programmes and preventive / medical camps.

  • To indulge the students in the best learning opportunity to recognize and manage the community health problems through innovative community based medical education.