Dept. of Organon & Homoeopathic Philosophy (U.G & P.G)

Departments / Dept. of Organon & Homoeopathic Philosophy (U.G & P.G)

                                        DEPARTMENT OF ORGANON OF MEDICINE

About the Department

Organon of medicine is a vital subject which builds up the conceptual base of the physician. It illustrates the principles of Hahnemann as he had classified the disease and form a protocol for management of acute and chronic diseases which when applied in practice enables the physician to achieve results which can explain logically and rationally in medical practice with greater competence. Focus of the education and training should be to build up conceptual base of Homoeopathy philosophy as explained by followers of Hahnemann like Boenninghausen, Kent, Stuart close, H.A.Roberts, Richard Hughes, Farrington, Dunham and Boger for use in medical practice. The department was established in 2000 at under-graduate level, followed by up gradation to PG in 2010 and PhD in 2018. The department organizes seminars, clinical and group discussions, quiz programmes, open book examinations, problem solving methods and workshops which provide a strong foundation in the subject. The well experienced and trained faculties of the department leading the young homoeopaths to follow the Hahnemannian principles in their practice.

Salient Features

  • Museum on History of medicine with rare collections of archives.
  • Unique collection of Indian and Western philosophy books.
  •  Publication of ‘Magnum Opus’-a quarterly departmental journal
  • Santhinikethan approach for learning environment
  • CME programme for teachers of Organon of Medicine sponsored by the ministry of AYUSH

Services Provided

            Monitoring to ensure the observance of  Hahnemannian principles in practice of Homoeopathy in our hospital.