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About the Department

Department of Repertory was established in 2003 as a core subject in Homoeopathy at undergraduate level. The major aim of teaching repertory at undergraduate level is to familiarise them on art and science of symptomatology, case taking, and repertorisation  in different cases as per the views proposed by the stalwarts in Homoeopathy. As a part of BHMS curriculum, students are taught on methods of repertorisation in III BHMS and IV BHMS. Repertory is an index and catalogue of the symptoms of Materia Medica, neatly arranged in an order with relative gradation of drugs, which facilitate easy selection of indicated medicine. The vision and mission of the department guide the students to achieve the goal with the help of dedicated and experienced faculty. At present, the department offers Post Graduate programme in Repertory (2013 onwards) and Research Programme leading to the award of Ph.D in Homoeopathic Repertory (2018). It regularly organises seminars and other CME programmes for the benefits of PG students and research scholars. The department continuously strives to impart necessary skill and technology in the process of case taking and repertorisation among homoeopaths. It also facilitates repertorisation with the aid of homoeopathic softwares namely RADAR, HOMPATH ZOMOEO (Lan version), ISIS Vision with Complete Classic, MERCURIUS  and COMPLETE DYNAMICS . As a unique and rare collection, the department maintains Card Repertories designed by eminent repertorians. In order to provide wide exposure to students, we offer special training in computer repertorisation through modules of structured case taking process in the skill lab and practical training of the repertory software for UG, PG and Faculty.


Salient Features

  • Collection of rare card Repertories.
  • Training on Repertorisation to UG, PG students and faculties using Homoeopathic  Repertory Softwares.
  • Training in Objective structured case taking Using Skill development centre for communication & clinical practice
  • Mobile APP for repertorisation ( Homoeopath Fire Fly)
  • Research Section

Services Provided

          Speciality Clinic on Thyroid Disorders